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Four Seasons in Idaho

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Four Seasons In Idaho

The four seasons in Idaho are as dramatic as the varying landscapes within this beautiful state.

Four Seasons in Idaho

While average daily temperatures will vary depending on the city and region in Idaho, overall, the state offers four beautifully distinct seasons. Summers are dry and especially delightful in the early evenings into the late mornings. Winters are moderately cold to very cold depending on which part of the state, with little to a lot of snow. Spring and fall are spectacular and the favorite times of year to explore much of Idaho, especially if mountain biking, camping, and fishing are at the top of your recreational interests.

Broken down, the four seasons in Idaho look like this:

Spring – typically from the end of February to mid-June, with an average high of 60° and low of 36°, spring gives way to warmer afternoons with cool early mornings and evenings.

Summer – a favorite season in Idaho, the sunny days of summer run from mid-June to mid-September. The average high is 85°, although it is not uncommon to see mid 90’s on occasion in some cities. Average lows are between 50-60° making this the perfect season to be outside.

Fall – there is no denying the vibrant beauty of Idaho in the fall from mid-September through mid-November. With average daytime highs in the mid 50-60’s, this is the time when mountain bikers, hikers, and the like are taking advantage of the cooler temperatures in the trails.

Winter – with an average high of 35-40° and an average low of 19-25°, winters in Idaho are a beautiful time of year. While the northern part of the state receives much more snowfall than the southern, the state capital typically only gets a few inches of snow during the winter. 

There is no better place to experience the four seasons than in Idaho.

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Significantly reduced commute times are among the first things people notice, especially if they’re from California or Washington. With a reduced commute time, you’ll spend less time on the road and more time enjoying life.

More Time for fishing...

Fishing in Idaho is so extraordinary you’ll have a lifetime of fishing tales to share with your out-of-state friends in no time at all. Fish filled rivers, creeks, ponds, lakes, and reservoirs are everywhere!

More Time for hunting...

Idaho has the widest variety of big game hunting in the west and some of the world’s best elk hunting. The general season tag also called an over-the-counter tag, allows hunting for deer, elk, black bear, mountain lion, and wolf.