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Off-Roading in Idaho

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Off-Roading in Idaho

Idaho’s natural beauty and excellent trails make it an ideal destination for your next adventure for the off-road enthusiast. There are thousands of acres of public land perfect for off-roading in Idaho. Whether you have a UTV, ATV, RAZR, OHV, or another acronym, jump on or jump in and start exploring!

Off-Roading in Idaho

There are endless possibilities for off-roading in Idaho. Idaho has every type of terrain you want for off-road adventure, from mountain roads through heavy forests to wide-open sand dunes. The many different riding areas are spread all across the state, making for a wide range of opportunities no matter your location. 

Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation has a Motorized Trails Program to ensure quality off-roading remains available throughout the state for motorized recreational fanatics. The program provides maintenance, education, and enforcement partnerships, and they continually work with land managers to develop new exciting off-road trails. Idaho has one of the most extensive trail systems in the United States. The Motorized Trail Program provides an online trail mapping program to access all the off-road trails available in Idaho! 

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Life is simply better in Coeur d’Alene

More Time for family...

Significantly reduced commute times are among the first things people notice, especially if they’re from California or Washington. With a reduced commute time, you’ll spend less time on the road and more time enjoying life.

More Time for fishing...

Fishing in Idaho is so extraordinary you’ll have a lifetime of fishing tales to share with your out-of-state friends in no time at all. Fish filled rivers, creeks, ponds, lakes, and reservoirs are everywhere!

More Time for hunting...

Idaho has the widest variety of big game hunting in the west and some of the world’s best elk hunting. The general season tag also called an over-the-counter tag, allows hunting for deer, elk, black bear, mountain lion, and wolf.